Spreadsheet Solutions

The maxim “Numbers speak”, cannot be over emphasised. To make data meaningful information thereby assisting in taking informed corporate and critical decisions is vital.

Our spreadsheet usage, design and modelling of over two decades has placed us at an advantage and we are well equipped with various spreadsheet skills as:

  • MS Excel Training
  • Customised and group training of the most widely used spreadsheet. This training is designed for each level of users per time which include basic, intermediate, advanced and super users. This support arm also include skill acquisition in MS Excel VBA and financial modelling.

  • MS Excel Macros and VBA Solutions
  • The need to automate repetitive task, customise MS Excel, modify reporting format e.t.c can be very effective in project management with time as a major constraint. Leveraging on the power of Excel VBA (visual basic of application) can help override all shortcomings and constraints that may not be addressed within the popular MS Excel environment.

    Tailored solutions, using the power of MS Excel VBA can be developed to meet your immediate and future needs

  • MS Excel Financial Modelling
  • Financial modelling with the use of a spreadsheet, is applicable in almost all business related functions to construct a likely future financial status of a given scenario or project. This is further enhanced with the ability to perform a what-if-analysis, simulation, optimization, financial statements modelling, financial assets modelling e.t.c.