Microsoft Dynamics 365

When taking that critical decision to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations), or any other support and maintenance needs, you can rest assured of a seamless, effective and efficient solution.

Our team has successfully implemented change overs, support and maintenance services, International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) conversion from GAAP; within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations) space over the years. Streamlined services include:

  • Implementation & Development
  • Creating all necessary pre implementation, implementation and post implementation work flow, development of the chart of accounts to accommodate the transition seamlessly.

  • Data Migration & Integrity
  • Migration of data from the legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365(Finance & Operations), with applicable standard best practices to ensure data integrity during movement.

  • Support
  • Providing the support needed to ensure a seamless transition from the legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations).

  • Training & Knowledge Transfer
  • Training of users, application owners and control staff within the defined cycle of all stakeholders

  • Strategic Advice
  • Proffering strategies to best ensure a successful and effective changeover process.