Financial Modelling & Support

Before taking that critical decision either to “buy or sell”, “lease or buy” etc., the need for a modelling that will provide a very flexible “what-if-analysis” and “sensitivity analysis” and “Scenarios testing” is indispensable.

With a robust accounting, finance and spreadsheet solutions background, we are well equipped to create value and support your intent through the deployment of the following services:

  • Financial Statement Modelling
  • Using historical and empirical financial data to create a robust and projected sets of Financial Statements (Statement of Financial Position; Comprehensive Income Statement, Statement of Cashflow, Statement of Change in Equity), including the debt amortisation schedule for strategic analysis and decision making.

  • Leveraged Buyout Strategy
  • Developing a leveraged buyout financial modelling that simulates and projects among others, the fair valuation of a company, ability to pay analysis, equity returns using the IRR, recapitalisation effect with debt for equity

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Financial modelling for the effect of mergers and acquisition, involving major valuation methods; discounted cash flow, public comparables, acquisition comparables. The accretion and dilution effects on EPS (earnings per share) analysis are also considered.

  • Business Valuation
  • Businesses are valued for many reasons, which may include; leveraged buyout, mergers and acquisition, research e.t.c. We build financial models that substantiate the valuation status of companies as requested by clients.

  • Equity Research
  • Creating a business case that facilitate the decision to either invest or divest based on well researched information and analysis of a company’s financial records, its shares, bonds and related trading financial instruments. Models are built to support critical buy or sell decisions among others.

  • Credit Research
  • Analysing the ability to meet financial obligations due from credit extensions to companies and individuals via tools and financial related ratios and models built for this purpose; while assigning the appropriate related risk of default as applicable.