Corporate Consultancy

Organisations are real entities with real needs. We are excited that these needs can be matched with specific proficiency in business and corporate related service offerings that we have acquired, tested and deployed over the years through various corporate and private related consultancy engagements.

With tested processes that are innovative and flexible, we are able to provide customised and general corporate consultancy services in such capacities like:

  • Corporate Manual Development and Implementation
  • In order to run an efficient operation, ensure adherence to best practices on projects and within business units, secure physical and intellectual assets among others, policies and manuals are needed as operational compass for guidance and reference.

    Manuals can be developed with best standards to encompass but not limited to the following functions: Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Disaster Recovery, Computer & Network.

  • Business Plan Development
  • The preparation of business plan to suit a wide range of transactional and business purposes with highlights on executive summary of the plan, establishment of a business case, market survey and status, financial projections to establish viability or profitability among others.

  • Due Diligence Reporting
  • Corporate and business reconnaissance in order to prompt or halt a critical but well informed business decision cannot be overemphasised. We engage in thorough analysis, investigation, appraisal and research prior to a business engagement to provide a basis for the final decision on a proposed business transaction.

  • Tax Administration & Management
  • The provision of all tax related services at the local, state and federal levels of the federation. Our tax expertise over the years can be relied upon to assist in ensuring prompt compliance and remittance, efficient negotiation, tax management advisory, tax audit exercise proxy, financial statements filing and defence with relevant tax authorities, application and processing of tax clearance certificates.

  • Corporate Profile Development
  • The preparation of the corporate details and stories of a business entity that showcase its strength, value proposition, points of competencies, brand identity, projects completion success e.t.c.

    This profile is professionally packaged to help clients make a business case that is needed for various business reasons.

  • Banking Transactions Forensics
  • With confirmed success stories of =N=millions in recovery on behalf of clients. We engage in thorough banking transactions investigations, which include facility extensions, loan restructuring, fees and bank charges e.t.c, to help facilitate the establishment of wrong and over charges by banks and inappropriate fees applied on clients’ accounts.

    Confirmed instances are followed up with erring financial institutions for reversal and actual refund as applicable.