Accounting Services

With over two decades of experience that span across various sectors of the economy, we are well poised to handle all your accounting related needs, be it on an outsourcing or term engagement basis.

Over the years, we have been involved in constructive and innovative accounting engagements that includes the following:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Reviewing banking transactions from the stand point of our clients, to align with the bank’s position as represented in the bank statement. This is to ensure that no hidden transactions or charges are unnoticed or unauthorised by the transaction owner. Furthermore, errors are detected, corrected and if necessary compensated for as may be established.

  • Payables Reconciliation
  • Thorough analysis, review and certification of creditors’ balances in the books of account of clients to confirm actual balance for services received from vendors. This ensure that amount presented as payables are valid and the instance of wrong or over payment is completely avoided. Inclusion of the days payables outstanding (DPO) trend analysis is also provided to aid cash flow decisions among others.

  • Receivables Reconciliation
  • Establishment and confirmation of actual value due from customers for goods and services delivered. This is crucial in order to avoid the omission or reduction in value of funds due from our clients’ pool of receivables account. The days receivables outstanding (DRO) ratio is also determined to aid in concluding the cash conversion cycle, which is crucial in cash management and forecast.

  • Financial and Management Account Reporting
  • Information is crucial both in analysing historical transactions and determining the extent of effectiveness, efficiency and strategic alignment with corporate objectives. With Financial and management accounting reporting services, you will be able to have a dashboard and in-depth view of the true financial health and performance of your business.

  • Accounting System Automation
  • We partner with our esteemed clients to ensure a seamless transition from a manual based accounting system to a complete automated accounting system. This is not limited to specific accounting software. We engage from the point of analysing the peculiarities of your business operations and financial transactions, recommending a change over process with timelines, parallel implementation watch over and report comparison, legacy data preservation, opening data validation e.t.c

  • IFRS Conversion
  • Complete conversion process from local GAAP to the International Financial Reporting Standard including first time adoption report, which highlights the required statements of accounts.